Welcome to LisaCenowa.com

Wow!  I am so glad to connect with you and I honestly thank you for visitng my new blog lisacenowa.com!

Welcome :)

2016 was a total year of transition, change, and self discovery for me that is still continuing.  I went through a divorce after 18 years of marriage, and I learned so much about myself this past year.  It is crazy to even think back... 

I do look back at times, however, and can not believe how much one's life can change in one year!  A year ago, my life was filled with uncertianty, axiety and fear.  I lived that way for far too many years.  I will never allow myself to go back to that place.

Honestly, my life changed due to a choice.  I had a desire, and a clear vision, of where I wanted to be.  Now I am focusing on who I want to become. I choose to do what I needed to do to find peace and happiness. I have always wanted to live a life that had a clear focus on joy, hope and love daily.  Sadly, that was not my life for many years.

I let go of the fear, and took control, once I realized that only I could make myself happy.  The strength and choice had to come from within ME. Trust me, divorce was the scarriest thing I have ever done, but wow, the rewards now are amazing!  The peace now feel is amazing.  I am loving the person I am becoming and the team me and my two kids are.

As with my new life, I really have been trying to find who I am deep down.  I love sharing my passion of fitness and nutrtion with others, but my old blog, runfastmama.com, just didn't feel right anymore.  It was part of my past that I wanted to leave behind.  I then transitioned to Happiness Not Perfection, well... it sounded good but just was not ME.  I just could not be consistent with posting or sharing as it just didn't feel 110% authentically me.

So, after much soul searching I am, and will always be, Lisa Cenowa.  Cenowa (CEN-O-wa) is my maiden name and my legal middle name. So, no matter what life changes I take on, no matter where I go, what I like to blog about, what my interests evolve into, at the end of the day I will always be Lisa Cenowa and that makes me happy, content and well, plain ole me!

I look forward to sharing my new life with you.  I look foward to sharing my love of fitness, nutrition, my family adventures and my evolution! I hope to make a ton of new friends along the way too! I am finally free to be and find me!!!




I’m a newly divorced mother of two humans, and two bulldogs, who lives the corporate life by day and is a driven entrepreneur & coach .  My passion is health and nutrition and I am currently completing my certification in holistic nutrition! I currently one on one with clients to focus on mindful nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle based on your unique needs.