Finding my Heart in a New Beginning!

What a wild ride it has been the past few years!! I am so blessed to be where I am today and to launch my new blog  I am not new to blogging, but I am so totally new to discovering who I am, and who God designed me to be.

After a long marriage, I decided to divorce in 2015.  For the past year and a half, or so, I have been discovering how to be the best full-time working single mama (say that one again) of two teens, and two bulldogs, that I could be for my babies.


Sure, there has been struggle as I adjust to the challenges, but there has been far more inner peace, love, happiness and a joyful fun home.  I have discovered that one of my true passions in life is taking care of my family by making them wholesome, whole-foods based meals.  Honestly, there is no greater joy that I get besides feeding others and sitting down to the table to discuss our day while we share a meal.  

It has been a learning process, as I have gone from randomly shopping at Whole Foods three times a week (yes, I used to do that) to reading Kroger and Meijer circulars, clipping coupons and meal planning a week ahead of time around the sales that are going to occur.  I also work a full-time job in the corporate automotive industry, so maximizing the time I do have to meal prep and prepare has been a huge curve as well.  I used to think it was so much easier to just eat out a few times a week, but oh it is so much more peaceful and relaxing to come home to a meal waiting for the kids and I.

I find it insanely satisfying to make meals that we all love!  I have multiple allergies (tree nuts and legumes) and am intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs.  My daughter is allergic to shrimp, shellfish, beans and tree nuts.  I also have met a wonderful man who has 4 kids, so cooking for the "herd" has been a rewarding and awesome challenge for me to find meals that are not only healthy, cost effective but something we ALL like!  I'm not a short order cook ;)

When I make a classic comfort gravy, to dress a pot roast with, that the kids gobble up um but SHHH!  I used coconut milk, instead of dairy, and arrowroot to thicken it, instead of cornstarch or flour, that is a HUGE win in my book!

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

Making wholesome, whole foods based meals to feed your family can fit inside your already crazy busy schedule! I promise you!  I can not wait to share my recipes, meal planning tips and tricks, family funny stories, budgeting, scheduling and all the awesomeness my life has become.

Oh, on top of it all October is going to be Whole30 month!  "Paleotober" I am looking for some awesome friends to partner with me as we start the Whole30 challenge October 1st.  What a better month to clean up your diet and feel your best going into the holiday season!  We are eliminating all sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy, legumes and focusing on a whole foods based diet of natural meat, fruits and vegetables.  The last time I tackled this I felt amazing and I was able to maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle until my stressful divorce.

Come and join us!  It will be Facebook based so CLICK HERE to join in on the Paleotober fun!  Yes, it is FREE and if you have questions or concerns send me an email and we can figure it out and find a solution.  The more supporting friends, the better it will be.  Come be part of our October Whole30 Tribe today!  




I’m a newly divorced mother of two humans, and two bulldogs, who lives the corporate life by day and is a driven entrepreneur & coach .  My passion is health and nutrition and I am currently completing my certification in holistic nutrition! I currently one on one with clients to focus on mindful nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle based on your unique needs.