Quick and Easy Spelt Pizza

I have been looking for new lunch ideas, and pizza is always a favorite for my kids.  In the past I would have just gotten takeout, but besides minding my budget these days it is not very healthy option at all.  I played around a bit and discovered this quick (like 25 minutes fast before the takeout guy can ring your bell) and easy, no-rise spelt pizza recipe that my kids love!  

Spelt is considered an "ancient grain" with a higher nutritional profile than wheat and a nice, wholesome and "nutty" taste.

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In fact, my son who must really like spelt, said that "this is the best crust ever" and went on to say that 'it actually tastes like pizza should taste."  Now that makes this Mama happy!  Granted he was probably overly excited as he helped out with supper tonight and had fun mixing his own pizza sauce too! I love  Wildtree's amazing line of organic, non-gmo and several gluten free products.  They really make supper time easy when you have your pantry stocked with staples like tomato sauce and various spice mixes.

Give it a try!  I was excited to put this recipe together, as most I saw on the internet wanted you to wait for an hour or so to let the dough rise, but its not needed at all and not only did the kids have a healthier supper tonight, they also have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.



Quick And Easy Spelt Pizza


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